Monday, July 13, 2015

Intro and About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Seth Barberee. On this blog, I plan to post a lot of things such as Minecraft Server News, Arch Linux, Gaming, or something random that pops in my head.... KITTENS!

Anyway, today has been hectic. I've been thinking about of Linux related topics related to both my laptop and desktop. For my desktop, I am trying to figure out how to properly overclock the CPU and GPU. At the same time, I am planning on ordering new parts for my desktop in order to have better overclocks and a better looking PC! Laptop-wise, I am trying to fix battery life because it is terrible! Currently, I have about 30 minutes of battery life in Arch while I have an hour and a half in Windows 7. This should be fixed when I install powertop on my Arch partition. Besides terrible battery life, I have also been considering using dwm for my window manager because it looks really cool. The window manager that I use right now is Awesome WM but a move to DWM could help me learn more about both as I learned from the Arch Forums..

That's all I have to say about that.... Have a good day, everyone!